Public Relations Writing Samples

In my Writing for Public Relations class we were tasked with creating different PR materials for a brand of our choice. I chose Canzelle Alpacas, which is an alpaca farm located in Carpinteria. This was a valuable experience because I got to write and design for a real company. Through this course I gained a greater understanding of what PR is, its purpose, and how it differs from advertising and marketing. Additionally, we learned how to craft compelling press releases, effective pitches to journalists, and engaging social media conten. Overall, this was a valuable learning experience on how to create and implement strategic communication campaigns.


Here are some of my writing samples:

  • Email Pitch and Press Release: In this assignment we had to create an pitch through email, to a real-life journalist. Although we did not send it, we had to practice pithcing an article we wrote relating to our company. For the press relase, we had to learn to craft compelling and newsworthy press releases that grab the attention of journalists and editors. My press release focuses on the benefits of animal exposure for young children, which would promote Canzelle Alapcas as an animal farm. This assignment improved the professionalism and clarity of my writing, and I realized how important knowing your audience is.
  • Fact Sheet: For this assignment I created a fact sheet for Canzelle Alpacas. Fact sheets are used to give journalists, media outlets, and other stakeholders a quick overview of essential details about the company. It serves as a foundational document for PR campaigns, providing the necessary background information that can be adapted and expanded upon.
  • Blog Posts: I also created four different blog posts that would be on Canzelle Alpaca's blog. This was great practice writing short stories, and thinking of creative topics tailored towards one audience.
  • Social Media Posts: For this assignment, I explored different social media posts that Canzelle could post. This assignment allowed me to practice creating engaging content tailored for different social media platforms.

You can also view the full website I created that compiles all my assignments together:

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