About Me

I am current student at UCSB pursuing a bachelors degree in Communication, with a minor in Philosophy and Professional Writing.


  • Microsoft Excel 80%
  • Google Suite 96%
  • HTML5/CSS3 70%
  • Drupal 87%
  • Wordpress 65%
  • Written and Verbal Communication 88%


I grew up in South Pasadena, CA before attending the Univesity of California, Santa Barbara. Utilizing my education, I am dedicated to carving out a career in the dynamic fields of Marketing and UI/UX Design.

At UCSB, I actively participate in various cultural clubs that celebrate diversity and foster a sense of community. My involvement in these organizations has enriched my university experience, allowing me to meet inspiring individuals from different backgrounds and learn from their unique perspectives. Additionally, I have had the privilege of holding leadership positions in Chi Delta Theta, an Asian American interest sorority, where I honed my skills in teamwork, project management, and event coordination.

Beyond academics and extracurricular activities, I have a deep appreciation for nature and love to be active. I love to travel and have visitied amazing places, such as Paris, Rome, Florence, and more.

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