Business Administration Writing Samples

My Business Administration Writing class focused on analysis and practice in business genres that focuses on writing strategy, concise style, and visual aspects of communication. We practiced creating typical documents such as letters, memos, e-mail, proposals, and collaborative reports. This class helped me learn to write clearly and concisely, while also teaching me to adapt my writing style to suit different business contexts.

The majority of the class focused on creating a business plan for a business that we created in groups. Our company was MyMechanic, which was a virtual car repair service that aimed to teach people how to repair their cars themselves. The service would include 3D models of different car models, as well as tutorials on basic car repair services. We each worked on a different section of the business plan, where I contributed to the Marketing section. In this section I outlined our marketing objectives, strategy, and budget.


MyMechanic :

  • MyMechanic Marketing Strategy: I created the marketing strategy for our company, where I researched our target audience and created five strategies to target this audience. In this report I describe each strategy, as well as what value they bring to the company in trying to reach our objectives. This assignment allowed me to think through all the logistics of planning a marketing strategy, and learn about many different approaches to marketing a business. Overall this assignment improve my writing and researching skills, as well as my communication with my fellow group members.
  • Marketing Inforgraphic: We were also tasked with creating an inforgraphic that explains our part of the business plan. Making the infographic taught me to present information clearly and concisely, ensuring that the key messages are easily understood by the audience. Additionally, it enhanced my abillity to make a design visually appealing, but informational at the same time.