Brand Style Guide

In a class for my Professional Writing Minor we created a brand style guide for our own personal brand. My Japanese culture is extremely significant to me, but is also a part of myself I had trouble connecting with when I was younger. Even though I cannot understand the language, the beauty and artistic features of Japanese culture spoke to me. Japanese culture embodies spirituality and nature, which is what my brand takes inspiration from. Sometimes I want to just blend in with the beautiful serenity of nature, but other times I want to be like a koi fish in a pond that stands out from its surroundings. Koi fish play a large role in my brand and a lot of the design elements.

In Japanese cutlure, Koi fish represent good fortune, love, friendship, and perserverence. These are all traits that I strive and look for in my life, and nature is within all these things. My brand takes a minimalistic approach to express my love of nature, that promotes tranquil and peaceful feelings. Below is my moodboard which encompasses the identity of my brand, and the kind of imagery that is found in my Brand Style Guide.


Utilizing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I desgined all the different features and set the standards for my brand. This is where I got to explore what my personal brand's vision and image would be. This experience improved my proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as my knowledge of basic design principles.

What I did

  • Created a logo
  • Created a color palette
  • Chose typography and imagery
  • Created product mockups
  • Created writing content that fit my brand's style

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